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Steps to become a nonprofit
  • Form a nonprofit corporation

  • Apply for Employer Identification Number (EIN)

  • Apply for federal tax-exemption, IRS 501(c)(3)

  • Apply for state tax-exemption

What we offer:

Our service covers all required steps to obtain federal tax-exemption, IRS 501(c)(3), and state tax exemption for your nonprofit organization!


Through a fast and inexpensive process, we will help you to form an organization that has federal tax exemption, IRS 501(c)(3), and state tax exemption.  Our fee is a one-time, all inclusive fee.  There are no additional, hidden or recurring costs involved.


We offer a very simple and straightforward service:

  1. Interview - Meet briefly with a consultant to answer questions about your programs and services.

  2. Document preparation and filing -We will prepare all required documents in 5 to 7 days, and file each at the appropriate state and federal offices.  Assistance with online applications available if requested.

  3. Document monitoring - After the documents are filed, we will monitor the progress of each as they are processed.

  4. Customer support - Our service includes unlimited customer support to answer your questions to ensure successful completion of the process.

Package #1 - $375**

Online application.  Includes all required documents:

  EIN application


  Articles of Incorporation**

  Purpose Statement

  State application for tax exemption     (filing fee included, if applicable)

  Federal application for tax exemption (501c3)**



Package #2 - $650**

Paper application.  Includes all required documents:

  EIN application


  Financial Statement / Budget

  Articles of Incorporation**

  Purpose Statement

  State application for tax exemption     (filing fee included, if applicable)

  Federal application for tax exemption (501c3)**

** Our prices of $375 and $650 do not include state incorporation and federal tax exemption application (user) fees.  State incorporation fees are different for each state.  For example, the California state incorporation fee is $30. All state incorporation fees: Chart.

**The federal online application fee is $275  if an organization's annual gross receipts will not exceed $50,000 in any of the next 3 years, and receipts did not exceed $50,000 during past three years, and the organization has assets of $250,000 or less.

**The federal paper application fee is $600.

**Note:  Some organizations may not be eligible to apply online.

How to start the process

Schedule an initial free consultation! Appointments available -24/7! Contact us! 

Additional benefits (no additional fee)

  • Free initial consultation.

  • Unlimited free customer support.

  • Paperwork completed in 5 to 7 days. Assistance with online applications.

  • Monitor and track documents through the entire process from start of contract to 501(c)(3) determination approval.

  • Help answer questions, if requested, from state and federal offices pertaining to your applications.

  • Receive nonprofit start-up resource information - e.g., start-up resources, strategic planning, Board development, coaching, social entrepreneurship, fundraising suggestions, state and federal compliance information, etc.

Commonly asked questions:


What is a nonprofit?

Nonprofit organizations are an invaluable part of a community ... serving people, creating jobs, operating businesses and assisting other community and governmental agencies.


Can a nonprofit accept tax-deductible donations?

A nonprofit organization must apply for tax-exempt status in order to be eligible to receive tax-deductible grants, contributions, gifts, and donations.  Typically, organizations choose to form a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation, IRS 501(c)(3). 


Examples of tax-exempt nonprofits!

Children and youth programs, sports activities, churches, fraternities, transition homes.  more


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