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As a client of DH Ventures, we assure you that all information about you is held in the strictest of confidence. Specific aspects of your personal and professional life are not discussed or hinted at to anyone.  In workshop settings and other activities, generic information is sometimes used as examples of client successes or to illustrate the positive impact that occurs from shifts in clients' perspectives and behavior. No specific client names are associated with any of this information without clients' permission.  DH Ventures will not sell information about its site visitors. Your email addresses may be added, however, to our services and workshop email lists. If so, you will be notified and given specific instructions on how to remove your email address from our email lists.


Disclaimer ...


DH Ventures is not a law firm, does not act as your attorney, and is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. We offer assistance to help you represent yourself in your own legal matters. We recommend that you contact an attorney, if you seek legal representation, are involved in litigation or have complex legal issues that cannot be resolved on your own.


DH Ventures does not provide legal services or tax advice.

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