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    Campaign Update!




  • Air Monitoring - The West County Toxics coalition was selected to be a member of the steering committee for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Air Monitoring program in the Richmond and San Francisco, CA, area. The program will collect emission data and then develop a plan to reduce the disproportionate impacts.


  • West County Toxics Coalition will work with the City of Richmond and Marin Energy to ensure there is no negative impacts from the 500 megawatt solar project located in North Richmond area.

2015- 2016

  • Oversee the implementation of the Chevron Modernization Project and the $100 million dollar Community Benefits Package.


  • West County Toxics Coalition is working with the City of Richmond to ensure that the planned Chevron Hydrogen Renewal Project does not result in increased emissions and negative health impacts.


  • The West County Toxics Coalition attended several community meetings held by the City of Richmond to educate residents on how refineries operate, and what are greenhouse gases.

  • The Environmental Impact Report for the Chevron Hydrogen Renewal Project is being prepared by consultants.  West County Toxics Coalition will organize residents and members to participate in the process.

  • West County Toxics Coalition is working with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to adopt a Cumulative Impacts Measure that will consider all sources of pollution impacts on community residents rather than consider one project source by project.


2009 - 2010

  • The reports released in 2009 will be followed up in 2010 by advocating the recommendations to appropriate agencies.

  • West County Toxics Coalition expects a court decision on the Chevron Refinery Expansion Project possibly in March 2010.

  • The West County Indicators Project  for Economic, Environmental & Community Health findings was released in  November 2009. We are advocating in 2010 our recommendations to the appropriate agencies.

  • Our transportation planning project, Project 12898, was released in May 2009, with action recommendations that will be advocated to appropriate agencies.

  • Green Business Project - West County Toxics Coalition will solidify support and funding for a Renewable Energy Manufacturing Facility that will make Wind Turbines to produce clean wind energy and create green jobs for local residents. Saleem Bey is the project manager.



  • The Richmond Environmental Justice and Health Leadership Academy, a program of West County Toxics Coalition, will train 10 youth during its second year, and will train the same number in subsequent years.

  • West County Toxics Coalition will organize residents to Opposed the Chevron Refinery Expansion until the proposed project results in zero increase in emissions.  Chevron must prove that the project will be safe for workers and community residents.

  • West County Toxics Coalition will sponsor a Legal Forum on the meaning of the Environmental Justice Laws passed on local, regional, and Federal levels.  The Forum will address how we can or cannot use these laws to promote Environmental Justice.




West County Toxics Coalition will partner with GreenAction on the Richmond Environmental Health and Justice Pollution Prevention and Leadership Development Project.  The project will train at least (9) youth each year to prepare them for leadership roles in the Environmental Justice Movement.




West County Toxics Coalition will partners with Pacific Institute, Neighborhood House of North Richmond, Contra Costa County Asthma Coalition, Community Focus, and Contra Costa County Health Department to access and make recommendations on transportation related issues in West Contra Costa County to appropriate transportation agencies and decision makers.




West County Toxics Coalition, Pacific Institute, Neighborhood House of North Richmond, Community Focus, will continue the West County Indicators Project for Economic, Environmental & Community Health. This project will identify a range of issues selected by community residents. The issues or indicators will be documented in a publication with recommendations that will be used to organize and educate decision makers for social change.





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