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Current Activities


  • 2019-ongoing - Climate Change - West County Toxics Coalition held a series of community meetings regarding sea level rise along the North Richmond Shoreline. A plan of action was developed to address the problem.

  • West County Toxics Coalition is working with the City of Richmond and Marin Energy to install 500 megawatt solar energy project in the North Richmond area.

  • West County Toxics Coalition is working with the City of Richmond and Contra Costa County officials to ensure that Chevron comply with all regulatory recommendations made after the August 6, 2012 fire and explosions that sent over 15,000 people to local hospitals.

  • Environmental Justice in Contra Costa County:  We continue to work with the Contra Costa County Hazardous Materials Commission to implement the Environmental Justice Strategy for the County.

  • We continue to advocate for Zero Dioxin discharge into the Richmond area, particularly from the Chevron-Texaco Refinery.

  • Unite Hechatron Project: We strive to ensure that the contamination at the Richmond Harbor site is cleaned and not a threat to the primarily Asian and African American people that fish in the bay waters.


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